What is a "God Box"?

Well, like most people, we can get frustrated with situations that arise in life and instead of hanging on to these and letting them turn into resentments, why not give it to God? I know it sounds almost ridiculous, but the power of writing something down and putting it in this box will let you really give it to God. Can you get them out of the box? Yes, but it will be difficult - there are no other openings other than the slot on the top of the box. Why WOULD you want it back? You gave it to God - let him take things from there. If the box fills up over time and you can't fit anymore paper in there, simply burn the box and buy a new one. The small Post-It Notes seem to fit in the slot quite well.

The Story
I have been woodworking for a little over a year and had progressed into guitar building (Lutherie) during this time. Building guitars is a difficult trade to get into, with very expensive specialty tools, supplies, parts and wood. I came to a halt with the building a few weeks ago and tried to figure out a way I could afford supplies to continue my journey into the guitar building and had an inspiring thought to make something my friends could afford, and like, while at the same time, I would be able to move forward with more guitars.

Before making the first "God Box", I thought how cool it would be for my friends to have one of these - I could use some leftover wood from the 3 new guitars I am working on, some wood leftover from my first guitar, as well as some other very cool exotic woods and inlay materials. You may think the price is a little high for a small box, but the cost of these exotic materials, the quality of workmanship and time involved, I am actually making under $5 an hour. I appreciate you're interest in the God Boxes - I am not sure if I will be making more of these, but I am trying to make each one unique - these make great gifts as well - enjoy and thanks!

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